"Cones and Curries" - A Revolution in One Hand Eating

Published: May 11, 2015

Author: Amit Banka

New Delhi based VARN Hospitality has changed the way people perceive ‘One Hand Eating’/ ‘Food on The Move’. It's not a Wrap, nor a Roll, Frankie, Burger or Pizza... it's a CONE. The company launched it revolutionary brand ‘Cones and Curries’, that offers traditional Indian cuisine in a CONE. ‘Cones and Curries’ promises to be unlike anything you have ever seen.

Brand made its debut at DLF, Sarojini Nagar in New Delhi, the Mecca of street shopping and house to thousands of stores that sell the trendiest stuff both for men and women. It is also the buzziest place for finger food, thereby making it the perfect launch pad for ‘Cones and Curries’. Its shares the mall space with the likes of McDonalds, Haldiram to name a few.

It all started a year back, when the founding team huddled together to research and discuss various QSR formats and ideas. Hundreds of ideas, many hours of planning and brainstorming went into output of several workable options. This was a discussion among achievers, individuals to reckon with, people who have in their own way seen the world, had good knowledge of the subject matter, and are working towards a common goal – that of providing people the best-in-class food experience driven by innovation, represented by a motif that is constantly evolving in what it offers the customer.

At the core of discussions at VARN, was the commitment to bring out something more innovative, Indian, that which has an international feel, could go global and above all, was very scalable.

Ideas of ‘Cones and Curries’ came from long, relentless efforts, tiring R&D process, numerous tasting sessions, and innumerable external validations -- both in commercial and complimentary formats -- including friends, family, commercial establishments and public at large. The result is a concept that comes as a breath of fresh air in the food industry – the first and only ‘real’ One-Hand-Eating format. Something that you can eat while –

  • commuting in a bus or train,
  • holding a shopping bag,
  • holding hands with partner,
  • rushing to the job, while lugging your laptop bag in one hand,
  • holding your kids while in mall or a market,
  • having a quick bite at work desk or a working lunches in Boardroom

We believe, what struck a chord with consumers is not just the innovation but the actual food recipes which are well-crafted for the product and taste, the design that attracts a consumer while he holds a Cone, presentation and packaging. From Day one, ‘Cones and Curries’ was conceptualized to scale. Be it :

  • a state-of-art central kitchen and food lab -- the foremost requirement for this format to deal multiple stores at the same time
  • design, branding and communication from some of the best talent in the country
  • investment in product design, packaging, equipments to get the best product quality

Our research tells us, that probably all the lip-smacking Indian cuisine have had limited success because they are considered to be a messy affair. ‘Cones and Curries’ with its innovative format challenges this constraint headon, thereby making it a brand that can travel across the world, using the models and formats that have been the mainstay of traditional QSRs.

We plan to capture Delhi/ NCR with 15 outlets within next 12 months and simultaneously in discussions with people for franchise outlets in other parts of the country. We are cognizant about varied food habits and tastes in India and have solutions to cater to variety of cultural requirements. That’s another key USP that would differentiate ‘Cones and Curries’ from other format.


The Economic Times recently covered Cones and Curries. Read the story here : http://goo.gl/31xBBR

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