Sector-Auto and Auto Ancillary

The business and its stakeholders suffered from lack of trust, no consensus on resource allocation, and untimely action on various time bound imperatives.This, including statutory over dues, labour issues, funding, team building and structuring of the whole transaction. BD worked with the promoter and the ARC on the overall business & financial restructuring

Business Doctors Impact
  • Aligned expectations between stakeholders through rigorous workings, market understanding dissemination, building business plans and realistic expectations on businesses, financial structuring, balance sheet reorganisation, organisation structure and management requirements

  • Sensitizing stakeholders on the importance of corporate strategic planning in turning around the company to help create a positive working environment

  • Leveraging BD’s management consulting network to raise immediate capital requirements and lay the foundations of the overall turnaround plan.

  • Strength of each stakeholder could be leveraged upon to the Company’s advantage.

  • BD’s advisory services and turnaround consulting helped get to the core of the issues at hand, enabling it to align all stakeholders’ interests and arrive at a practical & feasible solution for turning around the business

Sector - Transport & Logistics

A family run business with issues such as cross holdings within group companies, low efficiencies, minimal accountability with SBUs, assets dispersed between various companies which led to low capital efficiency and loss at operational level, along with mis-aligned interest at family level.

Business Doctors Impact
  • Creating a legally sound, consolidated structure under one holding company in order to consolidate all assets and shareholding under one company using BD’s financial restructuring services.

  • Intervening using appropriate business restructuring to bring professionalism to the whole operational system

  • The intervention from top to bottom using appropriate technology resulted in better accountability across the value chain and also better margins.

  • Monitoring of various parameters on periodic basis brought significant discipline across the system.

  • All family issues were resolved through an aligned structure, paving the way for better capital structure, efficiencies across operations, banking, etc, through a cleaner structure and corporate strategic planning

  • Better accountability was brought in across the value chain, overall resulting in better revenues and margins.

Sector- Transport & Logistics

Promoters had launched an online exchange for long haul bookings. The initial traction was decent, however, promoters required Strategic & business development consulting, mentoring and guidance for the right strategic direction to scale the business.

Business Doctors Impact
  • Extensively studied the upcoming market to understand the various models present in India & Abroad to come up with a feasible product & strategy

  • Bridged gaps in the existing revenue model to increase transactions on the platform on both the supply and demand side.

  • Brainstormed with the promoters and brought out the opportunities which can arise out of certain B2B partnerships which would significantly drive up transactions on the platform and reduce customer acquisition costs.

  • Helped entrepreneur in fund raising and formalising term sheet in a way that interests of all parties are protected and aligned.

  • BD’s corporate advisory services increased lead generation as well as fulfilment on the platform.

  • BD is continuing to provide strategic direction to maximize value generation in this business.