Sector - Hospitality & Entertainment

An established group in the hospitality & entertainment segment wanted to tap a potential niche in India and wanted BD to strategize the project

Business Doctors Impact
  • Formulated a business plan based on extensive research , conducted both internally and by external agencies, to have a validated model.

  • Laid out the capital requirement based on an initial business & financial plan created by BD’s team.

  • Worked closely with the promoter on the location, designed the overall product and build a broad roadmap/project report to have a benchmark to work towards.

  • Initiated talks and partnered with several stakeholders essential for a large scale project – government officials, architects, product engineers/managers etc.

  • Hired the team required in the first stage of the project and laid out a plan for the additions as the project moves forward.

  • Improved operations management and margins within 6 months with our team’s unparalleled expertise.

  • Managed to create a successful model that was well received and helped gain significant government support

Sector - Media & Entertainment

A group that had been operating in the gaming space in India and abroad wished to explore online gaming given the growing popularity and potential of the same.

Business Doctors Impact
  • Worked with legal consultants to evaluate the legal feasibility of the project.

  • Researched varied business models in gaming, in India and internationally to device an elaborate and differentiated product which would appeal to the masses.

  • Identified senior management requirements and worked with the promoter towards recruitment of the same.

  • On-boarded and worked with design and product teams towards building a user friendly interface and increasing customer engagement.

Sector - Media and entertainment

A well established company in the mentioned sector required a better growth structure and a plan leading to desired financing arrangement.

Business Doctors Impact
  • BD used its expertise in corporate strategic planning to bring in processes that would result in expansion in teams, content strategy, platform strategy and alternative business models for the group.

  • Setting up an appropriate structure for growth, expansion plan and new content strategy.

  • Initiated a fresh funding discussion.

  • Shortly lead to a strategic investment and other desired objectives as mentioned above came to fruition.

Sector - Events and Entertainment

Business was struggling with inappropriate decision making and financial planning that would have brought operations to a stand still.

Business Doctors Impact
  • BD had to insist on certain hard calls which required the promoters to be significantly convinced to change their operating style, business strategies and curtail expansion until a better business structure was reached.