Sector - Online Fashion

A leading brand both, online and offline, for luxury apparels and accessories in India and overseas wasn’t profitable despite high gross margins and reasonable sustained revenue.

Business Doctors Impact
  • Assistance to the company in building a financial model to map the profitability based on geography, products and other segmentations

  • Putting together appropriate financial data points to assess the business and design the correct product portfolio, ensured strategic prioritization & promotion of the feasible portfolio

  • Increased focus on the back order inventory model to improve the overall operations & margins by reducing inventory

  • Structured a viable marketing plan

  • Set up internal processes to monitor finances, operations, tech and overall growth

  • Products portfolio re-engineered to achieve better financial structuring

  • Better strategy planning that led to better visibility of product and hence increased sales

  • Costs rationalized resulting in better margins

Sector - Consumer/Consumer Tech

An entrepreneur who wished to create a youth centric apparel brand approached BD to arrive at the right strategy for his business. The company already had excessive inventory and operating costs but virtually no revenue.

Business Doctors Impact
  • Initiated with a focus on putting together an optimal distribution strategy to clear the inventory by establishing relationships with key ecommerce brands and also planning sale through own website.

  • Put together a branding, marketing, pricing strategy based on the market competition and overall scenario

  • Outlined and helped implement changes in the existing manufacturing process to cut costs and bring in operational efficiency

  • Assisted the entrepreneur in building the appropriate team required for a consumer driven product

  • Worked closely with the entrepreneur and established an efficient business and operational model

Sector- Fashion

A company that specialized in Ethnic wear manufacturing wanted to diversify into the B2C space of clothing rental. Given the lack of exposure required while entering this new space, they hired Business Doctors to understand the feasibility of the entire project.

Business Doctors Impact
  • Analysed the upcoming market in India and benchmarked international players

  • Created an all new brand for the company

  • Put forth a business plan including the pricing strategy, product portfolio, target markets, marketing plan and more.

  • Strategized a Private label brand for the company as a push to their manufacturing segment’s distribution channel

  • Put together a plan for a potential takeover in the market to gain a strong backend right from the initiation

  • Helped the promoters understand and evaluate the key potential and drawbacks in the market

  • Leveraged the company’s B2B experience in all ways possible to increase margins

  • Mapped the integration of manufacturing, rental segments and a private label of the parent company