Sector- Agri and Food Processing

The group had no past experience with Food and Agro businesses, brands and consumer led businesses. There was no team who had the required understanding to bring this business up from scratch.

Business Doctors Impact
  • Started with ideating and understanding the groups needs and strengths - resulting in a business idea.

  • Through its business advisory expertise, BD was able to provide core market, business, commercial, technical and financial understanding to execute the plan within a proper timeframe and budget

  • Within 8 months time, BD had helped achieve a financing structure, business plan, teams and an operational first phase with 45% capacity being utilized.

Sector - Agri & Food Tech

Despite good asset backing, inefficiencies in the company were leading to low output and revenue generation. Furthermore, weak financial structure was causing several accountability and control issues. That’s’ where BD stepped in to bring in alter the segments of the business that required restructuring and put the company on the right growth path.

Business Doctors Impact
  • Consolidated Agri operations under one location to bring in operational efficiency through strategic planning.

  • Trained various team members in order to attain better output and increase accountability based on new age thought process.

  • Restructured balance sheet and liabilities to achieve a clean capital structure.

  • Better consulting support to the team and a target focused approach led to an overall higher realization in Mandi and B2B markets and increased sales.

  • BD’s financial restructuring services made the structure simpler and fund raising easier.

Sector- Agriculture

An organic foods company needed assistance in putting together a business plan for both manufacturing and distribution chain of their products.